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Vortex Mass Flow Meter

Vortex Mass Flow Meter

We are listed at the apex in the list of the reliable Multivariable Vortex Mass Flow Meter Exporters from India. The Vortex Mass Flow Meters is widely demanded in the market due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Vortex Mass Flow Sensor loaded with advanced configurations ensuring easy operations and high productivity.


  • No moving parts
  • Cell power and reduce your engineering design headaches
  • Low power: more than one year
  • 5 points non-linear function
  • High stability for Automatic cheek & adjustments
  • Low pressure loss
  • Wide application for steam, gas liquid


  • Petro-chemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Electricity
  • Municipal
  • Water Treatment

The periodic shedding of eddies occurs first from one side and then from the other side of a bluff body (Vortex-shedding body) installed perpendicular to the pipe axis. Vortex shedding generates a so-called "Karman Vortex Street" with alternating pressure conditions whose frequency "f" is proportional to the flow velocity "V". The non-dimensional Strouhal number "S" (primary head constant) describes the relationship between Vortex shedding frequency F (in Hz) width b of the body, and mean flow velocity v (in m/s) F=S+v/b.

The flexural vibration of the Vortex-shedding body is picked up in the primary head via sensors and analyzed in the signal converter. In the case of the gaseous, flowing media, the vibration frequency ranges between 10 and 7000 Hz.


DN DN 25 to DN 3000
Medium liquid, gas, steam
Pressure < 2.5MPa
Output signal ElectricityL: 4-2m ADC. Pulse frequency: 0-500Hz
Communication interface RS-485, MODBUS, HART, GPRS
Environment= Temperature -40 - +60'C, Humidity. 5% - 90%
Accuracy + 0.5%, +1%
Repeatability 0.2%
Protect class IP65, IP68
Explosion-proof Exd (ib) m 11 CT3-T6, Exd 11 BT2-T5